Alterations & Repairs

Price List for Basic Alterations:

Jeans Hemmed  or Shortened (Men, Women, Youth):  8.00  Boot Leg: 10.00

Pants Hemmed or Shortened Non-Lined (Men, Women, Youth):  9.00  With Cuff:  11.00

Pant/Jean Patches: Small 3.00  Medium 5.00  Large 7.00

9" Zipper Replacement in Jeans or Slacks: cost of zipper + 5.00

Belt Loop Repair: 1.00/each

Take in Waist Non-Lined (Pants, Skirts) Single Seam: 9.00

Repair Ripped Seam (Pants, Skirts, Shirts) Single Seam: 5.00

Repair Ripped Seam - Coats, Jackets, Warm Up Pieces (2 Layers): 15.00

Replace Buttons on Pants, Blouses, Dress Shirts: cost of buttons + .50/each

Replace Jean Button: cost of button + 2.00

Shorten Blouse/Dress Shirt Sleeves: 10.00

Take in Side Seam on Blouse/Dress Shirt (Single Seam): 10.00

Hem Skirt (Non Lined): 10.00  Large Width: 20.00

Bridesmaids Dresses - Hem: 25.00 more than 2 layers: 5.00/each exrtra

Bridesmaids Dresses - Take in Sides/Bust: 25.00

Sew on Patches/Badges (i.e. Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts): priced per job


Have another repair, alteration or sewing need?  Just contact us for a quote!

**Prom Alterations and Custom Garters**



Embroidery Prices:

Add Name to Ready Made Item: 8.00

Add Name to Item We Made: 5.00

Logo or Other Design: priced per job



Stuffed Animal Repair:

New eyes: cost of eyes + 10.00

New nose: cost of nose + 10.00

New Eyes and Nose: cost of parts + 15.00

Repair Seams (sewn from outside): 15.00

Repair Seams (sewn from inside): 20.00

Completely Restuff: 20.00

Completely Restuff and Tighten Seams: 25.00

Complete Make Over: 30.00

Other Repairs: priced per project


This Puppy had a complete make over:

New eyes, (kept original nose) all new stuffing, seams tightened,

toes and dimples put back in, other tears repaired and new collar made.


    Before                After